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Introducing the Customer Support Centre, and much more…

As we enter our 20th year of doing business, we’re starting to tell more of our story. This blog is the place to find stories from the heart of our operation in Melbourne’s West, updates and important announcements – so check back often.

Phil Grijalvo

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Meet a designer behind Luus’ home-grown and manufactured products

One of the benefits of being a home-grown manufacturing company is that we keep all of our design and production in-house. That means we have a team of engineers and designers working in the same place our products are made. Not only does this give us all a sense of unity – we’re working towards the same goal – but it means we can work much, much faster.

Luus Food Trucks

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Why the booming, vibrant food truck industry is an essential partner for Luus

For a while it seemed as though food trucks might be another hospitality fad – something that disappears as quickly as it comes along. Not a chance. The city has dozens upon dozens of trucks lining up at festivals, catering events and wherever they happen to visit. There’s no sign it’s slowing down, either.

Foyer & Indoor Garden

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What’s it like to work at Luus?

Our people are everything. But sustaining a great work culture is more than just having some fun. We’re planning to increase our workforce by more than 20% this year, and we can’t do that without a strong commitment to local manufacturing.

Yum Cha cooking

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Luus’ products steal the show at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

With more than 100 people eating and drinking for more than two hours, it takes more than a simple steamer to get food on the table. Thankfully, we provided some equipment at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival yum cha event to make sure the event ran without a hitch.

Asian Specialists

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Fully embracing our Asian history

For anyone outside the restaurant industry, it can be hard to understand the nuances every type of cooking demands from a particular kitchen.

The typical assumption is just that, well, isn’t everything the same? A wok is a wok, right? As any professional knows, that just isn’t the case.