Rice Roll Steamers

Our Rice Roll Steamers’ pressurised design produces maximum steam output resulting in perfect ‘Cheung Fun’ every time. The multi-jet burner is thermostatically controlled and comes standard with pilot, FFD and piezo ignition.

Key Features:

  • Pressurised design with steam release nozzle
  • Laundry arm water access via front controls
  • Aluminium tray with stainless steel lid
  • “Everlast” zinc-alloy handles with 5 year replacement guarantee



RC 450mm Rice Roll Steamers

450mm wide with perforated aluminium tray and lid. Thermostat control, multi-jet burner, overflow system, and quarter turn tap water operation.

450w x 800d x 1100h
1 x multi-jet 63mj/h burner
Adjustable thermostat accurately controls water temp
Steamer Lid
Made from 304 grade stainless steel
RC-45Single Tray Rice Roll Steamer63mj NAT/63mj LPG
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