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What is the best way to clean my wok burner?

You can clean the wok burner using an injector removal and cleaning tool, which can be purchased from our Online Store. Please refer to the “How to Use the Injector Removal and Cleaning Tools” instructions in our Product Guides section.

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What burner should I select when purchasing my wok?

This depends entirely on what you are cooking. Our woks can come with 3 different burner types, and if ordering a 2 burner or 3 burner unit you can mix and match the burner types. A guide: Chimney burner – Strongest burner in our range. Designed to be run at full strength and not turned … Continued

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What does the warranty cover?

Warranty covers components and workmanship that fail under normal use for a period of 24 months. Any blockages, misuse or damage caused by the customer are not covered by warranty. Issues arising from incorrect installation are not covered by warranty. For more information see our Warranty Terms.

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Who can install Luus appliances?

Luus have service agents across Australia who are able to install Luus products. To install our appliances you need to be a licensed gas fitter/plumber.

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