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Introducing the Customer Support Centre, and much more…

Twenty years ago, we started something special at Luus. Our goal was to provide only the best, highest-quality components and appliances – starting with Asian kitchens. We think we’ve done pretty well, but we’re always trying to do more.

The companies we’ve worked with, Roll’d, Papparich, Tim Ho Wan, Din Tai Fung, Hakata Gensuke, Wok in a Box, Lazy Moe’s and Outback Jack’s (to name a few) trust us because we’ve been consistently pumping out great quality cookers out of our factory, year after year.

But there’s something else. Something we haven’t been talking about as much – and it’s something we want to highlight more as we enter our 20th year.

Success in business is nothing without customers. And we pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service.

Not just when you buy from us, but throughout the lifecycle of your entire Luus experience. That’s why we’re cooking up some pretty nifty new features for our website that will make customer service with Luus even easier.

More on that in a minute. But first…

Meet Michael

Service ManagerMichael is our Service Manager. He’s been with Luus for four years, originally helping us upgrade our internal systems – but quickly took over the Service Manager role. Michael looks after the nuts and bolts of what happens when things don’t always go as planned. Michael breathes customer service, so we thought it’d be great to get his perspective on some things you might not know about when it comes to your Luus appliances:

All Luus products are backed by a 24 month parts & labour warranty

“Sometimes things happen,” Michael says. “And we pride ourselves on organising a service team to fix your appliance, quickly.”

It’s always best if you service your appliance regularly

“Just like your car needs to be serviced, so does your cooker. I’m often surprised by the amount of customers who fail to make the connection between equipment condition, performance, and profit.”

Luus can help you pick all the right parts before you buy

“Our service team works like a sales support team too. If you’re a customer thinking about buying but you want bit more information, we can help,” says Michael.
“So if you want to know about various burners in a wok, for instance, or the different type of restaurant you’re in, we can help you there.”

You’ll normally see a technician 24-48 hours after you request one
“We always try to do same day service – and often do. Sometimes it isn’t possible, but that’s always our goal.”

What’s coming up…?

Now, we mentioned some new features we’re bringing to the Luus website. Our goal is to empower you with the right tools you need to do your job, and do it well. To that end, we’re excited to announce something truly special…

The Luus Customer Support Centre

We want to make our customer service easier for you. That’s why the Customer Support Centre will house everything you need to make sure your Luus experience is a good one.

Check out some of the features we’re going to offer:

Replacement parts on our website

We’ve always sold replacement parts, but until now we’ve dealt with our customers over the phone or in person. We’re making a portal for parts so you can easily jump on and find what you need.

It’s going to save you heaps of time. Keep in mind, we manufacture everything here instead of just assembling it. That means we have access and knowledge of our entire production process.

When you get a replacement part, rest assured it’s been under our watchful eyes!

Technical information online

Just like with our replacement parts, we’ve always made our technical information available – and those manuals are online too. But we want to put more information including technical drawings on here so you get a much more robust view of what our products entail.

FAQs and videos

If you have a question, or want to see something in detail about how our products work, then the Customer Support Centre is the right place to find it.

The ability to book a service online

Don’t have time to jump on the phone? No worries – just book a service online through the Support Centre. You get the same exact service you’ve always received… and probably faster.

Warranty registration

There’s no need to go digging through old paperwork to get your warranty information. By registering your product and business details with us, we are able to get a technician out to you faster and minimise any potential equipment downtime.

With all of these features together, the Customer Support Centre is going to radically transform your experiences with Luus.

It’s going to be a big year

And why shouldn’t it be? It’s our 20th of manufacturing and distributing the best, highest-quality appliances to kitchens all across Australia. And we’re only getting started. Keep checking back at our blog throughout the year for more insights and announcements about our team, what we’re getting up to, and more features that will make your Luus experience even better.

In the meantime…why not come book a factory tour? We’re based in Sunshine West – and we’d love to show you how and where everything is built.

Just shoot us a line below – we can’t wait to see you.

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