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Luus’ products steal the show at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

It’s a perfect Melbourne scene: a crisp Autumn day, a graffiti-covered laneway and dozens of people enjoying the best dumplings in the city.

At least, that was the setting last Sunday, March 26 when the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival hosted a yum cha event on Flinders Lane. More than 100 people arrived to enjoy dumplings from world-class chefs, in a variety of formats – not to mention, paired with delicious wines from Canberra.

But with more than 100 people eating and drinking for more than two hours, it takes more than a simple steamer to get food on the table. Thankfully, we provided some equipment to make sure the event ran without a hitch…

Australian food, Australian wine, Australian care

As an Australian manufacturer, we’re always concerned with raising the profile of anything home-grown. It’s why we choose to not only make our products here, but design, assemble and service them.

It’s the same with food. We’re always looking for ways to support Australian chefs, and it’s why Melbourne kitchens and food trucks are filled with our appliances!

That’s why we wanted to support the MFWF event on March 25. Not only was the event catered by top-class chefs, but Australian wine growers from the Canberra region brought some of their product for attendees to try: the 2017 Riesling seemed to be a hit!

Canberra might be one of the smaller wine-growing regions in Australia, but it’s no less delicious.

The same goes for the food…

The delicious yum cha menu

Just looking at this menu makes our mouths water:

  • Scallop with lobster dumpling, pork and prawn shumai, truffle and wagyu puff: prepared by Dan Hong and Michael Luo
  • Silken tofu, vegetarian XO, mushroom floss, steamed crab meat and prawn dumpling, fried chicken and chive dumpling: prepared by Patrick Friesen and Eric Koh
  • Spanish mackeral fish dumplings, pork prawn and tree ear guotie: prepared by Mama Meiyan Wang
  • Won tons with red chilli oil, smashed cucumber salad: prepared by Tony Tan

That’s a menu to die for. And we can vouch for it personally: they were delicious. But it’s not easy to fill a bustling room with 100 hungry Melburnians. It takes something with a little oomph…

Yum Cha

Luus: reliable and hardworking

It’s a nice little scene, really. The end of a laneway, perfect weather, and a Luus steamer preparing meals for more than 100 people. We brought our YCA-1 steamer to get the job done – and boy, did it ever.

As the only piece of equipment used for the event, you can’t steam hundreds of dumplings in a two-hour period with something that isn’t reliable. Not only is our steamer both compact and waterless, but it’s an auto-refill model. Short story: it’s specifically made to keep the food comin’.

It makes a chef’s job easier when everything just works. And while we couldn’t talk to everyone who was at the event personally, the chatter, the smiles and the rate of disappearing food made us pretty confident the steamer did its job, and did it well.

Luus Industries has steam cabinets, auto refill steamers and traditional steamers in it’s range. Click here to view the full range. 

Supporting Melbourne food and wine

We live in a pretty remarkable city, full of life, colour and diversity – not only in ethnicity but food as well. It’s why we love supporting these events and taking part in the food culture of our beautiful city.

It’s good to know the real reason why we build our products. Not just so kitchens can operate well, or keep people moving through the door. It’s to foster community, engagement and laughter – just like on Sunday’s event. It’s a good reminder of why we do what we do – and why we’re going to keep doing it.

Interested in seeing our products on the ground floor? We’re always taking people through our factory for a look – why not in get touch to organise your own tour today?

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