Ceramic Briquettes

    • Distributes heat evenly and improves cooking performance, it?s shaped for flare up control, retains heat to vaporize drippings, and fits most grill?s.
    • Professional series Chargrills with ceramic briquettes option
    • 3C – 14 Briquettes
    • 6C – 33 Briquettes
    • 9C – 52 Briquettes
    • 12C – 71 Briquettes
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Grate CS Series

  • For CS Chargrill
  • Ceramic Rock setup
  • Cast Iron
  • Dimensions 205mm x 448mm
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Grate rock cast iron 90mm

  • For CS Chargrill Ceramic Rock Set-Up
  • Cast Iron
  • 90mmx448mm
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LUUS J Grate

Dimensions: 147x540mm


  • Professional Series Chargrills
  • Essentials Series Chargrills
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