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Located in the picturesque Mornington, Squires Loft offers a culinary retreat where the charm of the coast meets our signature steak and rib mastery. Mornington’s Squires Loft embodies the relaxed yet refined essence of the peninsula, ideal for a leisurely meal after a day exploring the beaches or for a sophisticated dinner to cap off a wine-tasting tour. Known as “The Steak Specialists,” we invite you to savour our legendary dishes in an environment that blends coastal serenity with our unwavering commitment to flavour and quality. Experience the best of both worlds at Squires Loft Mornington.

a: 104 Main Street Mornington, VIC
p: (03) 5976 8482
w: https://squiresloft.com.au/our-locations/mornington/
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