Luus Australian Made

What it really means to buy Australian Made.

As a wholly Australian owned family business, Luus recognises the importance of Australian Made products, and why it is critical to keep buying local, especially in our current climate. 


Supporting the Local Community

By buying local, you keep the economy strong and keep money local. This helps to maintain the Australian workforce, creates new job opportunities, and supports Australian families. Luus employs a large workforce within it’s manufacturing plant in Melbourne’s West, and takes pride in knowing these jobs are helping families across Australia. Even as more and more businesses are choosing to move overseas, Luus is focused on putting “people at the heart of everything we do.”


Quality Assurance

The manufacturing standards in Australia are stringent, possibly some of the toughest in the world today. This means quality standards are high. Like all Australian manufactured products, Luus equipment is built to last and stand the test of time. That’s why every product is backed by our 24 month parts and labour warranty which always includes the option to extend!

To further provide confidence to the consumer, Luus is Australian Made Certified, meaning we are consistently audited to ensure we meet and maintain certain manufacturing criteria. Claiming to be Australian Made is one thing; but being certified is another. 


Warranty and Communication

Comfort can be taken when purchasing Australian made products because they are automatically guaranteed to protect the consumer. This ensures you can buy Luus products with confidence and ease. Having easily contactable staff based in Australia to organise any servicing or product concerns always helps too. Plus, our designers and engineers are also located in Melbourne, allowing all customers to communicate suggestions and ideas for the next big product we can offer.


Working Conditions

There is peace of mind that the product you have purchased was manufactured in an ethical way, and the business behind the product aims to support the Australian worker and their customer. Luus are committed to go above and beyond when it comes to the environment they provide for their workers, with safety, innovation and development always being at the centre. The added pool table doesn’t hurt either!


Environmental Sustainability

We only have one Earth, and Australia is very serious about protecting it. The strict environmental policies that govern all manufacturing provide assurance that when you buy local products like Luus, you are supporting the cause. With the addition of solar panels to our factory roof, we are now powered by renewable energy; demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainablility and our company value of ‘thinking long term.

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