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Our range of traditional steamers have been powering Australian yum cha restaurants since 1998! Ideal for steaming high volume of dim sum/cheung fun, each unit comes standard with jet burners, piezo ignition, manual tank refill operation, overflow/drainage systems and manual water cooling (YC-1)

Key Features:

  • Piezo, pilot and FFD standard
  • 304 grade high quality stainless steel
  • Laundry arm/spout manual water refill
  • Traditional water deck cooling system (YC-1)



RC 450mm Rice Roll Steamers

450mm wide with perforated aluminium tray and lid. Thermostat control, multi-jet burner, overflow system, and quarter turn tap laundry arm operation.

450w x 800d x 1100h
1 x multi-jet 63mj/h Duckbill Injectors
Adjustable thermostat accurately controls water temp
Laundry Arm
1 x laundry arm on splashback
RC-45Single Tray Rice Roll Steamer63mj NAT/63mj LPG
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YC 750mm Yum Cha Steamers

750mm wide steamer. Removable water pot, front gutter, deck cooling, skirting and 7 hole tray supplied as standard.

750w x 950d x 1300h
1 x 32 jet 140mj Mongoalian Burner
Water deck cooling from rear splashback
Laundry Arm
1 x laundry arm on splashback
YC-11 Burner Yum Cha Steamer140mj NAT/140mj LPG
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